– together, in one


Aerial Ocean Abstracts

Timothy Johnston, an eclectic artist, splits his time between Los Angeles and Sydney, fully embracing large-scale artistic expressions. He enjoys the freedom to explore both structured and impromptu paths in his art, utilising a range of mediums such as acrylics, oils, and inks. His technique involves creating complex, captivating works that draw viewers into a world of intricate colour patterns and designs. His distinctive style layers various techniques in his paintings, infusing them with a dynamic energy and vibrancy typical of abstract art.

In 2017, Tim’s career took a significant leap when he was named a finalist in the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize, leading to his professional debut in 2018. By 2020, he founded his Art Gallery Studio in Mosman, Sydney. The coastal environment of Mosman, with its 19 Sydney Estuary Bays, profoundly influences his art, inspiring numerous aerial ocean abstracts. His connection to the sea was celebrated in 2021 with his ‘Kingdom of Coral’ installation at the Sydney Opera House for World Ocean Day. Tim’s recent focus has been on the ocean and coastal themes, emphasising the urgent need to protect these environments. This led to the founding of CollaborOCEANS, a collective of creatives dedicated to ocean conservation and the protection of marine life and reefs.