– together, in one

Kujungka – together, in one

Desmond Taylor And Timothy Johnston
250cm W x 170cm H
Acrylic, Oil & Ink On Linen
Tasmanian Oak Frame

The Karlamilyi River runs through the Little Sandy Desert, into the Oakoaver River and out to the ocean.
The dark-painted ancestral song lines show Desmond’s Warnman tribal heritage, which is shared in paint, surrounding the sacred river and wetlands. The song lines Desmond painted on top are the present-day song lines we share. Timothy was welcomed to paint the abstract interpretation of this special homeland — a beautiful reflection of Kujungka -Together, in one.

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Catalogue Code DTTJ2023K01

Valued by: Brenda Colahan
Registered Valuer Art Consulting Association of Australia.

Approved Valuer for the Australian government’s Cultural Gifts Program