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Joint Exhibition | Artists Desmond Taylor & Timothy Johnston

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– together, in one



Storytellers Through Paint

The first joint exhibition of Martumili artist Desmond Taylor a Warnman man from the Martu Lands in the Western Desert and Timothy Johnston a Sydney based ocean abstract artist whose works have been a centrepiece light projection on the iconic ‘Sails’ of the Sydney Opera House.

Desmond and Timothy are sharing their journey together through paint. Framed against the backdrop of the Great Sandy Desert of Desmond’s Country, merging with Timothy’s ocean works of Australia. Bringing two unique stories retold in their paintings, harmonising in layers of intricate designs of the captivating landscapes that they call home.

  • 25 Individual Pieces
    Desmond Taylor of the Desert Tracks and River ways of ‘ngurra’ (home, Country, camp) Western Desert WA
  • 5 Pieces Painted
    ‘Kujungka’- together, in one

    Desmond Taylor and Timothy Johnston
  • 5 Individual Pieces
    Timothy Johnston of Australian Ocean Abstracts

For enquires and interest:

Timothy Johnston 2023

A Joint Exhibition of Merging Storytelling

Timothy Johnston’s (TJ’s) paintings belong to abstract expressionism, also known as ‘deconstructionism’. Timothy is most well-known for his collection of ocean aerial and marine life artworks, and these works display his colourful layered approach to building texture and depth.  His works are based on his love of life and energisim, with a passion for nature.

About Timothy Johnston: TJ received five years of mentoring and training under the artistic talent of Max Watters, a giant in the Australian art scene whose works are held in many State Galleries of Australia and the Australian National Gallery. Timothy was a finalist in the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize, he has had 10 solo and group Exhibitions. In 2021, his abstract ocean works for World Ocean Day were projected onto the iconic ‘Sails’ of the Sydney Opera House.

Desmond Taylor Warnman/Martu 2023

A Joint Exhibition of Merging Storytelling

Most of Desmond Taylor’s paintings originate from the stories of his Indigenous heritage. His Country is Karlamilyi, where he was first taught to do sand drawings by his Father and Mother.  Desmond loves painting and going hunting for bush tucker on the Country where his ancestors lived and worked and gathered food.  Desmond is one of the last of the Martu people to come out of traditional desert life in the Western Desert of WA, which brings a strong connection to cultural knowledge and expression.

About Desmond Taylor: Desmond was born in 1964 at Wangalinya on the Oakover River, of the Little Sandy Desert Region of WA. Desmond primarily paints his family country around Karlamilyi (Rudall River) and the creation stories for that Country. One of Desmond’s collaborative artwork hangs in the Collections of the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Desmond has had 15 solo and group Exhibitions and is a member of the Indigenous Arts Panel of Arts WA.

TJSH Artworks & Limited Edition Prints

About the Artist

Timothy Johnston is a multidisciplinary artist who shares his time annually between Los Angeles and Sydney. Large-scale works suit Tim’s expression and he loves to totally let loose with conceptual freedom, finding paths both planned and spontaneous. Tim uses many mediums including acrylics, oils and various inks.

His practice creates intricate works that lure the viewer in with complexities of colour and pattern. His unique and distinct style builds paintings with multiple layers, combining diverse techniques to create energism and living vibrations in his abstract works.

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After being named an Australian national finalist in the 2017 Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize, in 2018 Tim successfully became a professional artist. In 2020 he established his own Art Gallery Studio in Mosman, Sydney Australia. Living in Mosman, which boasts 19 Sydney Estuary Bays, has brought Tim a deep connection to the rhythm, colour and life-giving force of the ocean, and inspired many of his paintings of aerial ocean abstracts. He recently curated a ‘Kingdom of Coral’ art installation with five of his aerial ocean abstracts being light projected onto the Sydney Opera House ‘Sails’ for World Ocean Day 2021.

Over recent years, many of Tim’s works have focused on our coast and ocean, our enduring relationship with the edge of the sea and the existential pressure the marine world is under. He has created pieces and collections around themes that he is passionate about to elevate ideas he believes have social importance. Recently he Founded CollaborOCEANS ‘creatives collaborating for ocean conservation.’  The vision he has for CollaborOCEANS is to bring together creatives from all industries as a dedicated collective to protect the natural beauty of our marine life, reefs and oceans. “Tim your work is good and is quite consistent in its realisation. Your paintings have that special element of capturing energy that intrinsically makes you an artist.” Acclaimed Abstractionist Painter Michael Johnson

“Tim your work is good and is quite consistent in its realisation. Your paintings have that special element of capturing energy that intrinsically makes you an artist.”

– Acclaimed Abstractionist Painter Michael Johnson

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